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Luxury Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer

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Enhance Your Atmosphere Safely: Introducing the Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer

Elevate your ambiance without compromising safety with our Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer. This electric wax warmer efficiently melts scented wax, enveloping your space in a warm and inviting aroma without the need for an open flame. Experience the perfect atmosphere while mitigating the risk of house fires and eliminating carbon toxins, smoke, and soot from the air.

Key Features:

  • Flame-Free Operation: Our electric wax warmer provides a flame-free alternative to traditional candles, eliminating the risk of house fires and enhancing safety in your home.

  • Efficient Wax Melting: The Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer quickly melts scented wax, releasing its delightful fragrance into the air and creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Reduced Toxins: Enjoy the warm aroma of scented wax without the presence of carbon toxins, smoke, and soot commonly associated with traditional burning candles.

Safe and Inviting Ambiance:

Experience the allure of a burning candle without the associated risks and toxins. The Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer offers a safer alternative for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Embrace the soothing scents and warm ambiance with peace of mind, knowing that safety is prioritized without compromising on the delightful fragrance that fills the air. Upgrade your home experience with the Pineapple Wax Melt Warmer – where safety meets indulgence.

Candle Care

What is this candle made of?

Coconut apricot soy wax is a clean burning, biodegradable, and natural wax. It is renewable, vegan and non-toxic which makes it skin-safe and clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed. The wax we use is made from apricot, soy, coconut and food-grade paraffin. Our candles contain No Lead, NO plastics, NO synthetic dyes, or Phthalates.

Should I trim my wick?

 Our wicks are handcrafted eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood. Trim a new candle wick to 1/4 of an inch. If you do not cut the wick before the first lighting, the flame can be large, erratic, and emit soot. Candles will burn up to 25% longer if you trim the wick every couple of hours.

How long will my candle burn?

Burn your candle as recommended on the label, generally a minimum of 3-4 hours, to insure that a sufficient wax pool is created. An estimated time of 65-80 hours of burn time can be achieved.



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