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SAVE BIG this spring! Check out our sales below.

Elevate Your Well-Being with Exclusive Wellness Packages and Holiday Deals

The holiday season is here, and Therapy With Me Candle Company invites you to unwrap the gift of tranquility with our enchanting scents and exclusive holiday deals. Immerse yourself in the magic of aromatherapy and elevate your gifting game with premium organic candles. Let's explore the festive offers that await you!

1. Harmony Duo: Double the Joy!

  • Deal: Buy One, Gift One - Purchase our perfectly paired 5 oz candles and spread the joy of tranquility.
  • Key Features: Premium ingredients, crackling wooden wicks, and a festive ambiance.

2. Blissful Moments: The Gift of Relaxation

  • Deal: 15% off on our 5 oz candle and wax melt duo - the perfect present for creating blissful moments.
  • Key Features: Curated scents, ideal for gifting or personal indulgence.

3. Tranquil Harmony: Share the Festive Fragrance

  • Deal: Free room spray with every 12 oz candle purchase - elevate larger spaces with a symphony of scents.
  • Key Features: Premium scents inspired by nature, crafted for a clean and healthy burn.

4. Wellness Self-Care Kit: Nourish the Season's Spirit

  • Deal: Save $10 on our complete set - featuring a 5 oz candle, room spray, and a diffuser for a holistic sensory experience.
  • Key Features: Ideal for gifting or creating a serene oasis during the festive hustle.

5. 3 for $60 on 5-Ounce Candles: Stock Up for the Season

  • Deal: Exclusive offer on our 5 oz candles - 3 for $60. Transform your space with the therapeutic power of scents.
  • Key Features: Premium organic ingredients, perfect for creating a harmonious ambiance.

Why Choose Therapy With Me Candles?

  • Premium organic ingredients for a clean and healthy burn.
  • Thoughtfully curated scents inspired by nature and well-being.
  • Ideal for creating a harmonious ambiance, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence.

🛍️ Shop Now and Embrace the Magic of Aromatherapy! Treat yourself or your loved ones to the soothing scents of Therapy With Me Candles. This holiday season, give the gift of tranquility and create moments of relaxation with our premium organic candles. Unwrap the magic - shop now! 🎄

Wellness Package Candle Deals:

3 for $60 on 5 oz Candles — YOU SAVE $6.00

Wellness Self Care Kit for $58 — YOU SAVE $9.00

3.5 oz Travel ✈️ Candle Trio for $40 — YOU SAVE $5.00

5 oz Candle Duo for $44 — YOU SAVE $6.00

12 oz Candle and Room Spray for $47 — YOU SAVE $6.00

5 oz Candle and Wax Melt Duo for $30 — YOU SAVE $6.00

12 oz and 5 oz Candle for $58 — YOU SAVE $9.00


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